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Playa Rincon Dominican Republic
There are tons of places to visit in this world and there are many choices before us. Some places offer business opportunities and others offer a peaceful place to play and relax. One big issue today is: where is it safe to live, work, play, or raise a family?

5 Reasons to Consider the Dominican Republic

1. The Dominican Republic is the most visited tourist destination in the Caribbean. Its tropical climate, white sand beaches, diverse mountainous landscape, and colonial history attracts visitors from around the world .

2. There are direct flights to and from many international cities around the world . Within the Dominican Republic, there are five airports strategically placed for convenient travel.

3. The country is rich with varied lifestyles and topographies and property rights are secure with insurable title.

4. There are continuous infrastructure improvements, but costs of ownership and property taxes continue to be low.

5. There are excellent buying opportunities because of cyclical movements. In some areas prices have been reduced to near or below original construction costs.

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