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Encuentro Land For Sale

By William Holden

SITE DESCRIPTION – Encuentro Beach Cabarete is one of the largest undeveloped properties in the region. It has a 50 hectare ocean front site that includes 450 meters of beach and 200 meters of rock frontage. It is located midway between the resort towns of Sosua and Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Adjacent is Playa Encuentro which is the most popular surfboarding beach on the north coast.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION – The site has been subdivided into 7 parcels (see sizes below). There is a common shared entrance for the overall development. Areas of relevant existing vegetation have been protected. Among the common/recreational spaces there is a beach club and a sport center connected by a pedestrian trail system.

PARCEL 1: $2,410,000 – Interior; 8.5 Acres (34,405 m2) $70 /m2.

PARCEL 2: $3,155,000 – Interior; 10.4 Acres (42,066 m2) $75 /m2.

PARCEL 3: $5,530,000 – Ocean-View; 12.4 Acres (50,278 m2) $110 /m2

PARCEL 4: $4,670,000 – Ocean-View; 12.8 Acres (51,890 m2) $90 /m2.

PARCEL 5: $13,124,000 – Ocean-Front; 13.8 Acres (55,846 m2) $235 /m2.

PARCEL 6: $14,564,000 – Ocean-Front; 13.3 Acres (53,941 m2) $270 /m2.

PARCEL 7: $13,617,000 – Ocean-Front; 12.7 Acres (51,384 m2) $265 /m2.

COMMERCIAL: $1,800,000 – Roadside; 4.3 Acres (17,392 m2) $103 /m2.

HIGHEST & BEST USE – Encuentro Beach Cabarete has the potential for mixed-use development, combining residential, multi-family and commercial sectors, allowing one to support the other. The property has both ocean frontage and main road frontage and the highest value and best use is for commercial property on the road, progressing to residential then multi-family living on the ocean.

DESIGN GUIDELINES – Guidelines for Encuentro Beach Cabarete can be viewed by clicking on the heading of this paragraph. These Guidelines set forth the necessary standards for implementing the design character of the overall project and set the parameters for future development parcels that may be sold to other investors or developers. The Design Guidelines address site planning and landscape, architecture and utilities to assure continuity in site design between various parcels within the community. They will also be useful for marketing and showing potential buyers the quality intent of the community. The goal of the Design Guidelines is also to encourage creativity in the design of future program elements and other areas so that a style unique to Encuentro Beach Cabarete will develop.

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