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Haciendas del Caballos – Ranch – Cabarete

By William Holden

$3,850,000  (73,163 m2 – 18 Acres) Farm & Ranch

Hacienda del Caballo is an Equestrian Center with residential buildings and ranch land. It is situated in the rolling hills above Sosua. It is just past Haciendas el Choco which is a gated community with large residential lots and a small equestrian center. The entire area around Haciendas del Caballos is will suited for Ranch Communities. This full-service equestrian center could be the central area of all these ranch communities.


>– 36 Horse Stalls in Main Stable
>– 4 Stalls in Separate Quarantine Stable
>– 2 Covered Grooming Areas
>– 2 Covered Wash Areas
>– Tack and Saddle Storage Rooms
>– 7 Paddock Areas
>– 1 Large Uncovered Rectangular Training Area (Pista Grande)
>– 1 Covered Rectangular Training Area (Pista Techado)
>– 1 Covered Circular Training Area (Picadero)
>– 1 Small Uncovered Circular Training Area
>– Well Water and Water Cistern
>– Septic Leaching Field
>– Intricate Drainage System Around all Training Areas and Structures
>– 4 Bedroom Main House Under Construction
>– 2 Bedroom Guest House
>– Employee Housing with 2 Studio Apartments
>– 6-Meter Metal Entry Gates on Sliding Tracks (20 feet)
>– Perimeter Fencing – 535 meters (1,756 feet)
>– Paddock Fencing – 926 meters (3,038 feet)
>– Interior Fencing – 20 m (66 feet)
>– Grated Drainage – 183 m (600 feet) for Rain Water Run-off
>– Open Formed Drainage – 230 m (755 feet) for Rain Water Run-off

Sosua is on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and it is approximately 10 minutes east of the Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP). The flight north to Miami is about 1.5 hours. The drive from Sosúa south to Hacienda del Caballo is about 5 minutes. The area surrounding this property has traditionally been farm land, but a few areas have been developed into exclusive residential communities. A majority of the land, however, is still open to the equestrian lifestyle. As such, there are various small farms available that can be used as ranch estates. In addition, the area is prime for equestrian riding trails.

In the event a more expansive Equestrian Center is desired, Hacienda del Caballos can be purchased in conjunction with other properties. This, it can be purchased either as an Equestrian Center by itself for a price of $2,600,000, or as a “Ranch Package” which includes additional ranch land and another residence for $3,800,000. For a visual view of these options, please Click Here for an Aerial View.

Please note that on the Aerial Map referred to above, the area outline in yellow is the Hacienda del Caballo Equestrian Center; the area to the north outlined in orange is an additional 30,000 square meters; and the area outlined in light green is another 60,000 square meters that could be included in the “Ranch Package”.


>– An additional 30,000 square meters of land to the north.
>– An additional 60,000 square meters of land to the east

In addition, there is a single family residence to the northeast of Hacienda del Caballo that could be included in the Ranch Package. But again, the Equestrian Center is available as a stand alone property. The other options are available only if desired. and the price will be discounted accordingly.

Highest Value and Best Use: – Hacienda del Caballo can be held as a single Equestrian Center or developed into a commercial Equestrian Resort or rental property. It would also be ideal for an equestrian community with small ranches and a central equestrian center. Each ranch house could have its own acreage for privacy. Because of the farm-like nature of the property, it could be laced with riding trails that have both ocean views and shaded pathways. One could ride around the surrounding mountains for hours, days, or even weeks.