Casa Laguna Cabarete Studio Apartment – $80,000 (See Video Below)

All apartments in Casa Laguna Cabarete have been designed with flexibility in mind. As a potential purchaser, you can choose to have a studio apartment or a 2-bedroom penthouse. For more flexibility, you could also purchase multiple studios and join them together for one or two larger apartments. As an owner, you can then have multiple options for residency or rental income. For example, you could stay in one apartment and still have the flexibility of renting out the other apartment for rental income.

Stating this in a different way, all apartments at Casa Laguna Cabarete have “lock-off” features whereby apartments can be used independently — or as an alternative — all doors (except the main entry) can be opened so that all individual apartments can be used as one larger apartment. Each studio apartment comes with one private parking space, and as such, combined apartments come with multiple parking spaces.

The basic Studio Apartment at Casa Laguna Cabarete consists of a private entry, bedroom with a king-size bed, 32-inch flat screen TV, and a private bathroom. Studio apartments that have a kitchenette also includes all appliances (refrigerator, stove, and microwave). Steps away from the apartment are poolside restaurants inside the Casa Laguna community and dozens of local restaurants within the Cabarete community. Some in Cabarete are on the beach and others are in local hangouts where you can mingle with people from all over the world.

For owners that are not full-time residents, there will be a professional onsite rental program that can offset ownership costs… and potentially provide a nice rate of return on the investment. Additional services will be provided by the rental management team and will include maintenance and maid services. All owners of properties within the resort will receive discounts at the community restaurant and spa. Included will be room service from the restaurant and laundry service picked up and delivered to each apartment. To top it all off, owner financing is available.

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