Prime Commercial Land – $1,500,000 – Las Terrenas –Video

Las Terrenas Prime Commercial Land –This commercial site is in a prime location in Las Terrenas. It is on the intersection of the main road from the El Catey – Samana International Airport (20 minute drive) and the main street leading into the central area of Las Terrenas. Although a residential complex could be developed, the site may be more suited to retail, commercial, or light-industrial use. The El Catey International Airport is just 20 minutes west by car; the city-center of Las Terrenas is just 10 minutes to the north; and the property intersection is on the main road leading to Samana, and the rest of the Samana Peninsula. The capital city of Santo Domingo is only a 2-hour drive on modern, world class highways.

The infrastructure in this area includes community water and electricity. The site has road access on all four sides of the property. As such, the property could be subdivided into smaller commercial lots that could each have their own ingress and egress. The site could also be used as a small retail plaza with a variety of retail uses. With it’s central location, this site enjoys continuous crossing traffic. Therefore, the site could also be used as a storage or distribution facility.

The Samana Peninsula in general is now being considered as a new player in the tourism sector. At this time, the main road from Santo Domingo and the El Catey International Airport both feed into the new state of the art highway that was carved out of the mountains to provide both scenic views and quick access to other parts of the Samana Peninsula. In addition to the sandy beaches of Las Terrenas, the main road continues east and will service the beach towns of El Valle, Las Galeras and Rincon. On the way are the bay side towns of Samana and Punta Balandra.