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Pre-Sale Building Sites – $140,000 – La Boca Estates

La Boca Beachfront Estates are located next to the mouth of the Yasica River in the area known as La Boca. It is approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The property contains 620,000 m2 of land and contains approximately 700 lineal meters of beach frontage. This community will have a low-density, eco-friendly environment and contain a total of 100 residential villas. On the west side of the property is a plan for a 50-Room Boutique Hotel with restaurants, tennis courts, gymnasium and spa. Holden Sotheby’s International Realty is the exclusive sales agent.

Although the entire land parcel is available for sale to a potential developer, building sites are being offered for sale on a “Reservation Basis”. This means individual investors can reserve a building site (or sites) for personal development. The initial design of the residential lots will be laid out with 5 rows: Row #1 starting at the beach and other rows staggered back to allow ocean views where possible. All roads will be curved with cul-de-sacs and all villas will have a short walk to the beach where there are kilometers of beachfront to walk and play.

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Prices of the Building Sites will range from $35 to $75 per square meter (m2) and will depend on walking distance to the beach. (These prices may increase at any time without notice.) Prices are fixed once a Reservation is made, but prices may increase as development plans proceed.

Section #:Row #:Costs per (m2)Sample Lot Size (m2)Land Cost
Section #1Row #5$354,000$140,000
Section #2Row #4$454,000$180,000
Section #3Row #3$554,000$220,000
Section #4Row #2$654,000$260,000
Section #5Row #1$754,000$300,000

La Boca Sections & Rows (CLICK TO EXPAND)

The form below will allow you to customize a residential building site at La Boca Beachfront Estates. The form will allow you to choose your desired Row and the size of that building site. In general, the minimum size of a residential building site in Row #5 will be 1,500 m2 (.33 acre), and at this time, the minimum size of an oceanfront lot will be 4,047 m2 (1.0 acre). Once a majority of the Reservations have been confirmed, the subdivision of building lots will be custom-designed to form the community based on reservation preferences. Based on access roads and cul-de-sacs, individual lot sizes may be adjusted to enhance the community layout and design.

Once all approvals and building permits have been issued, a Purchase Agreement document will be executed between Seller and Registrant. The purchase price and other terms will be set forth in this agreement to purchase. In the event there are multiple requests for the same lot/parcel, the date of the earliest Reservation Agreement will take precedence. At the option of the Seller, a lottery system may be used to determine which registrant is granted a specific lot or parcel. Any Registrant not receiving their first choice in lot/parcel has the option of choosing an alternative lot/parcel or requesting a refund of the deposit — less any fees paid for customization of the Site Plan design. 

The La Boca Land Parcel is well suited for a self-contained eco-community, but at the same time, it has easy access to city centers and cosmopolitan areas. In addition to its proximity to Cabarete and Puerto Plata, La Boca Beachfront Estates is not far from the cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo with driving times of 1.5 and 3.0 hours respectively.

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