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Puerto Bahia Samana – Resort Reviews

Puerto Bahia Samana is located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The Samana Peninsula has on its north side the Atlantic Ocean — and the Bay of Samana to the south. The Samana Bay is known internationally for its boating and yachting lifestyles. The sandy beaches on the Samana Peninsula are recognized as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Puerto Bahia Samana is centrally located on the peninsula and has great access to boating and the surrounding beaches. The image below shows its general location and airports for arrival.

The gated security entrance to Puerto Bahia is approximately 5 km west of the city of Samana. Once inside the security gate, you get an immediate sense of the partnership with nature. The drive down to the hotel and marina is approximately 1.5 km and the ocean views that emerge through the palm trees gives you a sense of what’s ahead. The Bannister Hotel and the marina are the center of everything. Once your enter the reception and lounge areas of the west rotunda, the Caribbean feel immediately starts to take over. To give you a feel of the pace, the reception desk has comfortable lounge chairs for sitting — and there is no reason to stand. The next step in your arrival takes you to the marina lounge and boat docks. See some of the images below.

In many ways, your first visit to Puerto Bahia Samana is surreal. On the one hand you are ready to relax. On the other hand, however, you immediately get the sense that you want to explore everything that the resort has to offer. Above the reception bar and lounge, there is another bar on the second level that opens up to an oceanfront swimming pool lounge area. Behind is the gymnasium and spa. A short walk down the main level promenade is a series of shops that lead to a traditional pizza place with another bar and lounge. Along side that is the community mini-market. A short walk around the marina will take you to a world-famous Cafe Del Mar with great menus and yet again another oceanfront swimming pool. Images of these strolls are shown below.

Once checked in at the Reception Desk of The Bannister Hotel, guest services will take you to one of the many residences inside Puerto Bahia Samana. The Bannister Hotel has accommodations ranging from 1-Bedroom Apartments to 4-Bedroom Penthouses. Down on the marina there are luxury town homes with direct access to boat docks. On the other side of the marina are oceanfront town homes. Rising up the mountain slopes are two condominium communities containing 2- and 3-Bedroom Residences. Higher up the mountain are Mountain Town Homes and Mountain free-standing Villas. All the residences inside the gated community of Puerto Bahia Samana are privately owned. Some of the residences are help for private residents and other are maintained as Vacation Rentals. For many, Puerto Bahia is seen as a great place to retire. But again, there are multiple lifestyles at Puerto Bahia Samana and we look forward to comments on this Caribbean resort.